And so it begins. My very own Invisalign journey. 

I'm Stewart and after spending a long time thinking about straightening my teeth I have finally bitten the bullet and taken action. First by booking onto one of Ollie & Darsh's free consultations in which Business Manager, Suzy, went through all the various solutions to a straighter smile. I needed to make a decision between either Six Month Smiles or Invisalgn, I committed to Invisalign and in no time at all I was booked in for my first appointment. 

Upon entering Ollie & Darsh's reception, I was met by receptionist Carol who asked me if I was excited about my treatment. This question surprised me as it put me at ease straight away. Far from the usual hostility I've been met with from my own dental practice. 

Clinical Assistant Katie met me in reception to take me down to meet Ollie while asking me what I did for a living, what I'd been doing that day, and if I had plans for the weekend. This made me feel very comfortable while heading down to the treatments rooms. 

First step which I was not expecting was photoshoot time. Katie tried out Ollie's fancy new camera and took a number of shots of my profile along with many shots of just my teeth. This would all be sent across to Invisalgn and kept by Ollie & Darsh to show my progress. 

Ollie then came into the treatment room, introduced himself and immediately I felt like we were two mates chatting. Not like a dentist. This made me feel so comfortable while sitting in that usually dreaded dentist chair. 

Ollie took a good look at my teeth and gums. He told me I had a great set of healthy teeth, and my gums were amazing. Nice to hear that from an expert!  

We then finished things off by getting impression moles of my teeth, a few more pictures, and X-Ray's before Ollie discussed his thoughts on how we would both achieve a perfect smile for myself. 

Just based on my first session with Ollie & Darsh I know I made the right choice in choosing them. Their team made me feel completely at ease and the banter had between Katie & Ollie while I lay their being examined was far more normal and personable than the usual sterile, tense atmosphere I've had at other dentists.  I cannot wait to see how my own journey progresses with them. 

If you’re thinking about straightening your teeth too I'd recommend speaking to Suzy during a free consultation. Especially now leading up to their £1,000 January discount offer.  

This will be my first post of many. If you're considering straightening your teeth like me, join me on my journey and let me know in the comments box below.  

Stay tuned for my next update :) 

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