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Eno Effiong is a 21-year-old newly qualified nurse from Liverpool. When she was younger she received orthodontic work to straighten her teeth. She had a fixed retainer on my upper and bottom teeth, but then the left side of her retainer was removed, causing the left side of her teeth to separate and lower and resulting in the left side of my teeth appearing longer than the right side.

This dented Eno’s confidence – she was used to having straight teeth and always smiling, but the movement in her teeth meant she was no longer confident when smiling and talking to people and would often cover her mouth when speaking. Having to interact with patients all day at work was also difficult so, after many consultations with different dentists, she decided to take action with the help of Ollie & Darsh.

“I was fed up with covering my mouth and avoiding conversations with people. After many consultations I decided that Ollie & Darsh was the best dental clinic for me, as they has a wide range of services, affordable prices and I really felt relaxed at the clinic as everyone was very welcoming.

“The free consultation with Suzy was very beneficial, as I felt that she was interested in the story of my teeth and she really listened to what I wanted. Once Suzy had an idea of what I wanted to achieve she then discussed different treatments that she thought were suitable for myself. I felt very comfortable and at ease as she really explained how all the treatments worked and used videos, before and after images and models to demonstrate this.

 “After my consultation I was then given some time to think about the different treatments. I decided to go for the Six Month Smiles® treatment, which is a fixed invisible brace on the upper and bottom teeth. Ollie & Darsh then set out a dental plan for my teeth, dental moulds were taken and within a few weeks my fixed brace was ready. Before the braces were fitted it was explained how they were going to be fitted, how often they would be tightened and how I would need to look after my teeth with the brace on. I was also given a little dental kit with a small brace tooth brush, wax, and an information booklet.

“I had an appointment roughly every three weeks, to tighten my brace and receive an update on how the treatment was going. Within four months of having my brace on I was told that it was ready to be removed - the results were very fast.

“I am over the moon with my teeth I cannot stop smiling. My teeth are no longer separated. Instead they are straight and all at one level. My bottom teeth are now straight too. I finally have my smile back.

“I no longer feel embarrassed about my teeth and can now speak to people confidently without feeling self-conscious. Ollie & Darsh have now restored my faith in dentists. Throughout my treatment I felt confident and comfortable in their hands. The overall treatment I received from them was fantastic and could not complain about anything.”

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