High-Tech Dentistry in Liverpool

As a client of Ollie & Darsh, you will not only have access to the most, up-to-date treatments and techniques, you will also benefit from the high end technology that is available at our clinic.

From powerful microscopes and digital photography tools, to equipment that can detect oral cancer in its early stages, Ollie & Darsh is always at the forefront of dental technology.

To find out more about the technology used at Ollie & Darsh contact us by using our online form, calling 0151 236 6578 or emailing our Business Manager at suzy@ollieanddarsh.co.uk

Our Dental Technology          

Below are just some of the high-tech tools we use at our Liverpool clinic.

VELscope Screening Unit

Screening regularly for the symptoms of oral cancer is a core part of our service. To provide the best chance of spotting oral cancer early, we use the VELscope screening system. The VELscope is a quick, pain-free and non-invasive method of detecting abnormalities in the soft tissue of the mouth which are not visible to the naked eye.

Using technology called Tissue Fluorescence Visualisation, the VELscope detects abnormal tissue in the mouth in just a few minutes. All that happens is we shine a blue light into your mouth, which excites the tissues before we use a special viewing instrument to see the results. Normal tissue provides a green fluorescent pattern, while abnormal tissue shows up as dark areas.

CEREC Technology

CEREC is a high-tech system which allows us to design, fabricate and fit a new crown, veneer, onlay or inlay in a single visit. After we have prepared your tooth for the procedure, we take a digital image using the CEREC optical scanning device, avoiding the need for impression materials.

The image is then used to create a 3D prototype restoration. Once this is designed we then send it to our onsite milling machine.  The restoration is milled from a single ceramic block which can take a few minute, before being stained, glazed, polished and fitted onto your tooth. This takes anything from six minutes to half an hour, depending on the complexity of your tooth.


Microscopes/ LOUPES  

Magnification plays an important role in being able to expand our vision to help enhance our work and provide better, longer lasting and more aesthetic results. High power magnification with LOUPES and our microscopes enable us to provide the best results we can for you.

03 Microscope


Lasers allow us to provide you with the most cutting edge dental treatments in our Liverpool clinic. Lasers can be used in dentistry in a number of ways – we utilise them in whitening teeth and when altering gum positions. We have two lasers in our clinic, the latest of which is a 4W Quicklase laser. Ollieis proud to be a mentor for Quicklase lasers and he often trains dentists on courses at the British Institute of Laser Dentistry in London.

04 Laser

Digital Photography

We strongly believe in the benefits of using high quality, digital photography in our diagnosis and treatment process. We take pictures at all points of your treatment process. While you might not like the photos at the beginning, we are sure you will at the end, so if we ask to take a picture of you, just humour us!

At our Liverpool clinic we use a mixture of Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras, as well as high powered intra oral cameras, which allow us to see into those hard to reach places and take some images that will help us progress your treatment  as well.

05 Dig Photo

Digital X-Rays

Radiographs are a key part in the diagnosis of any dental condition, which is why we have a number of digital X-Ray sensors in our clinic, which allows us to take X-Rays rapidly, while emitting the lowest X-Ray dosage possible.

06 Xray

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