Invisalign I7 and Lite

Invisalign® Lite and  i7

As well as the traditional Invisalign® treatment, Ollie & Darsh offers a number of alternative treatments to correct minor tooth movement – Invisalign® i7 and Invisalign® Lite.

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Invisalign® Lite in Liverpool

Invisalign® Lite braces work in a very similar way to the traditional Invisalign® braces. The main difference is that Invisalign® Lite is used in cases where the overcrowding or cross over is less complex.

With Invisalign® Lite you will receive a maximum of 14 custom-made aligners and the treatment is often completed within six months. For very minor issues, treatment can be completed in a matter of weeks. As the number of aligners required is less than traditional Invisalign® and fewer appointments are required, the treatment can be significantly cheaper.

Invisalign® Lite may be suitable for you if you have:

  • Minor overcrowding
  • Slightly crooked teeth
  • Small gaps between the teeth
  • Badly positioned teeth
  • Poor alignment between the upper and lower teeth

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Invisalign® i7 in Liverpool

Invisalign® i7 is designed to correct minor tooth movement and can provide results in as little as three months. Like Invisalign® the solution utilises almost invisible, removable braces, avoiding the inconvenience of traditional fixed braces.

Invisalign® i7 is suitable for adults and teenagers and can treat slightly crooked teeth and minor overcrowding. It is also an ideal treatment for if you have had orthodontic treatment in the past and have found your teeth have shifted position again over time, leaving you feeling self-conscious once again.

Invisalign® i7 aligners are personally manufactured to your needs and straighten your teeth by putting pressure on specific teeth at different times. Each aligner is worn for two weeks, before being replaced by the next one in your set. As you progress through your set, your teeth will gradually move until they are in the desired position, which will have been agreed with one of our clinicians.

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If you want more information on Invisalign®, why not take a look at our Invisalign® Fact Sheet?

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