The Six Month Smiles® technique employs the latest technology in dentistry to move your teeth quickly and safely. Special nickel titanium wires are used, and the treatment focuses on moving the teeth that show when you smile.

Many people think that the accelerated treatment means simply ‘tightening’ regular braces to get the teeth moving, but this is not true. Six Month Smiles® braces use low force to move teeth more comfortably and focus on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth rather than the position of your bite.

Most adults are suitable for Six Month Smiles® braces. If you are 18 years old or above, with crooked or spaced teeth and you’re not looking for a major alteration to your bite, this could be the solution you are looking for. To find out, book a free consultation so we can discuss your needs.

Every person is different, so treatment lengths vary from person to person. Most of the treatments will be completed within a four to nine-month period, but on average the treatment takes six months.

There are no more risks of root damage or other issues than those associated with traditional orthodontics. Since the forces used with Six Month Smiles® braces are lower and teeth are seldom extracted, there are actually even fewer risks involved with the Six Month Smiles® treatment.

The vast majority of clients report no effect on speech. However, as with traditional orthodontic appliances, there is an initial adjustment period associated with having something new in the mouth.

We will provide an accurate estimate of the cost of your treatment during your consultation, but as treatment times are shorter, Six Month Smiles® typically costs less than traditional brace treatments.

Six Month Smiles® braces are more discreet that traditional braces. The braces and wires are tooth-coloured, to ensure they blend in, and are barely visible. If you book a free consultation at Ollie & Darsh, one of the team will show you exactly what they look like.

As with any teeth-straightening treatment, you will need to wear a retainer to maintain the straighter position of your teeth. If you don’t want a removable retainer, you can have a bonded retainer placed instead. You can discuss your options with one of our team members at Ollie & Darsh and decide which suits your personal preference and lifestyle.

Again, the cost of your treatment will depend on the severity of your case, and how long you will be wearing the aligners for. This is something we can discuss in detail during your consultation.

Invisalign® is the clear, comfortable, removable aligner that delivers hassle-free teeth straightening. Unlike fixed braces, Invisalign® gives you total flexibility over what and when you eat and drink. That means you don’t have to drastically alter your lifestyle to achieve the smile you have always wanted. As Diamond Apex Invisalign Providers, Ollie & Darsh represents the top 1% of Invisalign® providers. So we can provide all the benefits of Invisalign® and many more besides, including 0% finance and free whitening. Ready for a smile makeover?

They are made from clear plastic, so they are virtually invisible. Even when very close, most people will not notice you are straightening your teeth – unless you choose to tell them?

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