Teeth straightening has come a long way in dentistry. No longer do you have to put up with uncomfortable and metal-wire braces. Thanks to Invisalign, clear braces can be suitably fitted and hidden your teeth so that they are virtually undetectable. Clear braces blend in with your teeth perfectly and are not obtrusive. Clear braces give patients the confidence to straighten their teeth without overthinking what they look like visually which may affect teenagers and young adults in particular.

You’ll be pleased to know that just because you choose to have clear braces to straighten your teeth, this does not mean that you can’t have braces as well. In fact, many patients that visit Ollie & Darsh decide on clear braces to straighten teeth before having whitening to complete their rejuvenated smile. Teeth whitening treatments can be delivered by our cosmetic dentistry team at a time that suits you best.

This is a common question that we regularly get asked by many patients. The length of time that it takes to strengthen teeth can vary from individual to individual and often depends mainly on the starting point. For example, if teeth are slightly wonky, results will obviously be a lot faster and may just take a couple of months before results are achieved. Our dentistry team will examine your teeth before any solution is offered and we will always work closely with you to make sure everything is handled seamlessly.

As well as the obvious benefit of braces being discreet, there is a whole other multitude of benefits of selecting clear braces to straighten your smile. Comfortability is another big factor. This is not an overnight solution and therefore braces should be worn with comfortability which you get with Invisalign clear braces. Moreover, the braces are also removable which means you won’t have to worry about not eating foods that could get caught in your braces.

You’ll be pleased to know that with Invisalign clear braces, you can eat and drink normally without having to worry about bits and pieces getting stuck in your braces. Just make sure that you take aligners out whilst eating your main meals and then pop them back in once you’re finished. Whilst you are wearing aligners, we also recommend sticking to drinking cool water as hot water can warp and damage aligners, making them much less effective.

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