Wedding Smile Makeover

Wedding Smile Makeover

Your wedding day will be a day you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. With all eyes on you, as well as the constant gaze of a camera lens, it goes without saying that you’ll want to look your best.

Find Your Perfect Wedding Smile

Your biggest day deserves the brightest smile.

Whether it’s posing for photos, or laughing along with your wedding party, you’ll spend most of your wedding day with a smile on your face. And looking your best goes beyond hair, makeup and outfit choice – having a flawless set of teeth is the key to shining with confidence.

With there being so many things to plan ahead of your special day, let us take care of your smile. Giving your teeth a wedding makeover doesn’t need to be difficult, there’s an abundance of treatment options available so you can achieve your dream wedding smile.

How Can I Improve My Smile For My Wedding?

Whether it’s a full smile makeover, or some whitening, an increasing number of people are looking for cosmetic treatment to get that shining smile for their wedding day. No matter how much time you have, or the budget available, treatments range to fit anyone and everyone.

Covering: straightening, alignment, whitening, fixing crowded, crooked teeth among many more. After a consultation with our team, we can advise on the best treatment option available.

Teeth Straightening

A lot of people choose braces for their wedding smile treatment and we offer a range of options to straighten your smile. For the quickest and most convenient way to straighten your teeth, we’d recommend Invisalign. A discreet solution which utilises clear braces, (so no one will know you’re even wearing them) to correct a wide range of orthodontic concerns, including crowded, crooked, or gappy teeth, overbite & underbite.


One of the most popular treatment options for the big day, pre wedding teeth whitening has the ability to transform your smile. Including at home or only 90 minute in clinic treatment, there’s something to suit any budget.

In terms of when to get teeth whitened before a wedding, it depends completely on the type of treatment you choose, some treatments can take up to a month – but it’s always best to book a consultation as early as possible.

Composite Bonding

Looking to repair a chipped, discoloured or decayed tooth? Composite bonding might be for you. Usually completed in one appointment, bonding is a quick and easy way to brighten up that big day smile.

We can use bonding to fill in any chipped teeth, correct discoloured teeth, make teeth appear longer, or close any gaps – using a composite resin that’ll match your natural teeth.


Boosting your smile doesn’t come much more effective than veneers. Fitting over the surface of your teeth, dental veneers are wafer thin porcelain laminates which dramatically improve the appearance of any imperfections. They provide a natural appearance and function as a normal tooth when you bite or chew.

With plenty of options available to achieve your dream wedding teeth, get in touch with the team at Ollie & Darsh today to find the right one for you. With over 13 years experience of premium quality dental care, we’re voted the No. 1 dental clinic in Liverpool. It’s our mission to work closely with each patient to understand their individual requirements to create a bespoke treatment plan and make their big day a special one.

Wedding Smile FAQ's

Straightening teeth with braces can take approx. 12 months but sometimes straight teeth can be achieved with composite bonding or veneers in as quickly as 6 weeks.

Whitening should be started at last 6 weeks before the big day as some whitening programmes can take up to a month to complete.

We don’t offer a whitening package at the moment. All whitening is currently half price, contact us today to claim this offer.

Yes, you can remove your attachments for your wedding day and they can be reattached afterwards.

Yes, we offer interest-free finance options for up to 24 months. Contact us today to find out more about the finance options that we can cater around your special day.

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