Here at Ollie & Darsh, we want to restore your smile and get your confidence back. Not only do our dentures replace missing teeth, they also improve your quality of life. That’s why we provide only the highest quality of dentures that are perfectly suited to you.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are an excellent solution to missing teeth and can be made from either acrylic or metal.

There are two types of denture – partial and complete:

  • Partial dentures fill in the gaps left by missing teeth and can be supported by your natural teeth with precision attachments.
  • Complete dentures are used to replace all the natural teeth in your upper or bottom jaw. They fit comfortably over your gums, so you can eat and speak with total ease and confidence.
Improve your smile and your confidence by filling missing teeth with partial or full dentures from £1,100.

Getting Used to Your New Dentures

We’ll give you plenty of aftercare tips once your new dentures are in place, but here are some helpful tips to help you get used to them:

  • Speaking: talking might feel a bit funny to start off with and you might need a bit of practice pronouncing certain words. You can speed up the process of adapting to your dentures by repeating tricky words and reading out loud. Within two weeks, you should find that you’re speaking as normal again.
  • Eating: similarly, eating might take a bit of practice at first. Start with soft foods like mashed potatoes, soup and pasta, cut up into small pieces where necessary. Try to chew slowly at both sides of your mouth at the same time. Once you’ve become accustomed to chewing, you can begin to introduce more foods. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your usual diet!
  • Soreness: you might have a little minor irritation when your dentures are first fitted, but this should ease quickly. In the meantime, we can relieve any discomfort by adjusting the surface of your denture. If you do experience any pain, let us know and we’ll make sure you leave us feeling much more comfortable.

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How are Dentures Fitted?

  • If you decide that dentures are the treatment for you, we’ll invite you back to Ollie & Darsh to get the ball rolling. Don’t worry if you feel nervous. We’ll always put your comfort first and won’t begin treatment until you’re absolutely ready. All in all, the procedure takes around 4-5 sessions.

  • Firstly, we’ll take some impressions of your teeth to design your denture; these designs will be sent to the laboratory. The length of time it takes to create a denture will depend on your individual case.

  • Here at Ollie & Darsh, we have a state-of-the-art microscope especially for root canal procedures. This allows us to see significantly more of your root canal than we would be able to see otherwise. The microscope also has special cameras to help us accurately treat your condition, so you can rest assured that we’re taking the very best care of your smile.

  • At each stage, we’ll check the fit, bite and overall look of your denture to assure you’re 100% happy with your new smile. We will also help you choose the right shade of teeth before fitting the denture and providing professional advice on how to take care of it.

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