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Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer is a very curable disease, yet more than 2,500 people every year die as a result of oral cancer not being caught early enough. To ensure that you don’t become part of that statistic, we use the VELscope oral cancer screening system, which is a quick, pain-free and non-invasive method of detecting abnormalities in the soft tissue of the mouth, which may lead to oral cancer.

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Who is at Risk of Mouth Cancer?

If you smoke; chew tobacco; use Betel Quid or Paan Masala; or regularly drink more than three-four units of alcohol per day for men, or two-three units per day for women; you will have a higher risk of developing mouth cancer.

An increasing number of young people are also being affected, with 25% of these cases having no significant associated risk factors. The good news however is that if you do get mouth cancer, an early diagnosis means you have an excellent chance of recovery.

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Why we use the VELscope

Not only is using the VELscope completely painless and non-invasive, it is an incredible piece of equipment.

Using technology called Tissue Fluorescence Visualisation, it detects abnormal tissue in the mouth in just a few minutes. During the test, we shine a blue light into your mouth that excites the tissues and then we use a special viewing instrument to see the results.

Normal tissue shows as a green fluorescent pattern, while abnormal tissue shows up as a dark area which stands out against it. Whatever your results, our caring, sensitive team will be there to support you and advise next steps in the event that abnormal tissues are detected.

*Source: Mouth Cancer Foundation UK

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