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Heather's story

I was searching for a solution to straighten my smile after being refused braces as a teenager. I underwent consultations with numerous dentists, who all claimed that the surgery-free Invisalign treatment would not work for me.

I was offered a range of options, all of which involved surgery or the removal of perfectly healthy teeth and I began to think that I was trying to fix something which couldn’t be fixed.

Then, when driving home from work one day, I heard a radio advert for an Invisalign open day at Ollie & Darsh and it was there that the story of my smile began.

When I emailed Suzy asking about the open day, I expected the same old reply – that Invisalign wouldn’t work for me and I needed extensive dental treatment. Instead, I got a lovely reply almost instantly and out of business hours, inviting me for a free consultation.

Her quick and friendly response put me at ease immediately and when I attended the practice I was greeted by a warm and welcoming team, in a relaxed and knowledgeable environment.

It took a long time to find the right dentist and right treatment, but I knew at that initial consultation that this was a dental practice I trusted with my teeth.

Before the treatment, I had problems with my front tooth ‘catching’ on my bottom lip, which was annoying and sometimes quite sore. However, following the treatment, the ‘Nanny McPhee tooth’ has gone.

It was an exciting experience watching my smile transform in a fairly effortless way. The support provided by the team at Ollie & Darsh has also been encouraging – it feels like they have put as much into my treatment as I have.

The service offered is flexible, affordable and they even managed to fit my treatment reservations around my unpredictable shift patterns at work. What’s more, the treatment barely impacted on my day to day.

After years of smiling with a closed grin, I can now happily flash my smile in photos. My teeth have always been the thing I looked straight at in photos, but now I am looking at them for a whole different reason. I am still amazed by the change the Invisalign treatment has made to my smile in just 12 months.

If you’ve had bad experiences with dentists or have been lead to believe your teeth can’t be corrected at all or without extensive dental work, I would recommend giving Ollie & Darsh a chance.

The whole team is very honest, knowledgeable and will ease your anxieties, so you feel comfortable enough to openly discuss treatment options with them and can make a fully informed choice before committing to anything.

I can’t praise Ollie & Darsh enough for the excellent results and care they have provided me. I’m so impressed I’m going to be joining them for all my regular dental needs too.