Celebrating 7 years of Ollie & Darsh

The 5th November is a date that everyone remembers – bonfire night, right? Well, here at Ollie & Darsh HQ we remember 5th November for a slightly different reason. It’s our birthday! And this year we are celebrating seven years of providing premier dental care for our clients across Liverpool.

We’re taking the opportunity to take a look back at the last seven years and the amazing triumphs we’ve been blessed with, as well as getting excited about what’s to come in the future. 

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31/01/2014 - Save The Date

Are you ready for the New Year? Perhaps you’re still focusing on Christmas? Well, if you’re still pre-occupied with the remainder of 2012, you might want to add 31st January 2013 to your diary, as Ollie & Darsh will be announcing something big on this date.

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