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Indulge Your Smile

Your smile is an important part of who you are. It creates a unique first impression and can leave a lasting memory, so why not give it some TLC?

Visit our Smile Café and enjoy a smooth yet intense blend of dental hygiene and non-surgical anti-aging treatments, you can even brighten your smile with a 15 minute Zoom laser whitening session. The treatments and packages on offer will help you achieve the best dental health possible and provide the white, straighter smile you’ve always desired.

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Hygiene and Teeth Whitening Packages

Whether you’ve got a whole afternoon or just 15 minutes to spare on your lunch break, the Smile Café has a treatment package to suit you.

Smile Expresso

The ‘Smile Expresso’ package is short yet invigorating. The 15 minute session will leave your teeth feeling and looking cleaner, removing stains quickly and efficiently and making you feel great about your smile.

Smile Latte

Our ‘Smile Latte’ package will ensure you make a bright first impression. Comprising a classic scale, thorough cleaning and simple air polishing, this treatment will get your grin gleaming. Our experts will also provide you with advice on dental home care and brushing, providing you with the tools to maintain your healthy smile.

Smile Grande

Enjoy the powerful and full-bodied ‘Smile Grande’ package – the perfect blend of all our hygiene and whitening treatments and ideal for smokers concerned about staining or those who simply want to refresh their smile for a special occasion. Combining all the elements of the ‘Smile Latte’ package, this luxurious treatment removes the build-up of dark stains using a high-power air polishing treatment, complemented by a high-gloss polish and diamond polishing paste.

Skinny Latte

Top up your smile with a shot or two of Zoom laser whitening.

One shot – 15 minutes

Two shots – 15 minutes

’Velvet’ Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Enjoy a rejuvenating anti-aging treatment in our Smile Café and achieve an effortless, youthful look during your lunch hour. Our ‘Velvet’ injections are quick and easy and will give you the luxurious, smooth skin you’ve always wanted.

Original Velvet

Designed to make you feel and look fresher, the ‘Original Velvet’ treatment gently smooths the lines between your brows or around your eyes. Through a few simple injections, the treatment can also relax your frown lines and smooth crow’s feet, making you feel fantastic.

Double Velvet

Indulge yourself with our ‘Double Velvet’ treatment – using a series of simple injections to relax two areas of your face, or try a brow lift, making you feel refreshed and invigorated.

Supremo Velvet

The ultimate pamper session, ‘Supremo Velvet’ treats three areas and is tailored to your needs, giving you a treatment that is guaranteed to make you feel a million dollars.

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