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Clear Braces & Aligners – Everything You Need To Know

Forget fixed metal braces; you can now opt for clear aligners to straighten teeth and fix many common orthodontic issues.

Forget fixed metal braces; you can now opt for clear aligners to straighten teeth and fix many common orthodontic issues. Find out everything you need to know about clear retainers for teeth in our comprehensive guide to clear braces.

What are clear braces?

Traditional ‘train track’ braces are not exactly a walk in the park. Sure, they work brilliantly, producing perfectly straight teeth. But they come with a stigma. Both for teenagers, during those already awkward years of adolescence, and for adults. In either case, visible metal braces can draw unwanted attention, which can be embarrassing. On the other hand, clear braces offer all the same orthodontic benefits, except with a near-invisible brace.

What are clear braces used for?

See-through braces correct various orthodontic issues. Clear teeth aligners can address everything from crowding and spacing to crossbites, overbites and underbites. Most people can benefit from using invisible aligners to correct minor problems. However, your dentist needs to have the final word on whether you are a suitable candidate because a clear aligner may not always be the best solution, particularly in more complex cases.  

What are clear braces used for?

How do clear aligners straighten teeth?

Here is the clever part! Removable clear invisible braces are worn for 20-22 hours a day to move teeth into the desired position gradually. A series of teeth aligners are custom-made to fit your mouth, with each subtly different set of transparent braces worn for several weeks. Over the treatment period, clear plastic aligners straighten teeth and fix associated orthodontic problems, producing visibly more confident smiles in the process. 

What are the benefits of clear dental braces?

Transparent teeth aligners deliver a whole host of benefits, including the following: 

  • Subtle – Clear braces provide discreet but effective alternatives to braces for adults and young people alike. 
  • Convenient – Because they are not fixed, you can remove invisible teeth braces to eat and drink whenever.
  • Fast – Clear aligner teeth straightening treatments are quick, producing results within 12 months on average. 
  • Bespoke – Every set of clear aligner braces is designed specifically for your mouth for perfectly tailored results.

What is the difference between clear aligners and Invisalign?

There is no difference between clear aligners and Invisalign! Invisalign is simply a brand of invisible aligners. Here at Ollie & Darsh, we believe Invisalign makes the best clear teeth aligners and more than 13 million people worldwide agree with us. We use Invisalign’s market-leading clear aligners to straighten teeth and resolve common orthodontic issues because Invisalign offers tried and tested speed, convenience and results.

Invisalign Specialists in Liverpool

Ollie & Darsh is a Diamond Apex Invisalign Provider, which puts us amongst Europe’s top 1% of Invisalign providers. We have used Invisalign’s invisible teeth braces to improve the smiles of countless satisfied patients across Merseyside and beyond. We offer 0% finance on all our Invisalign clear aligner treatments, helping to spread the cost into manageable monthly payments. We also deliver monthly open days on the last Friday of every month, offering a chance to receive £1,000 off your treatment. So your dream smile is well within reach at Ollie & Darsh.


Braces have come a long way since those classic metal braces of old. Now there are many clear aligner teeth straightening options available that mean teenagers and adults can straighten their teeth and resolve common orthodontic issues with minimal fuss and maximum results. Not only are clear teeth braces fast and effective, but they are also convenient. Because, unlike a fixed brace, you can take out a clear brace whenever you like. 

For the best invisible braces, it has to be Invisalign. And for Invisalign, it has to be Ollie & Darsh! If you would like more information about our Invisalign clear braces for teeth straightening or would like to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation simply contact one of the team here 

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