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Help! I Can’t Stop Biting My Lips

Lip biting is a common habit. During consultations, some clients will tell us that they bite or lick their lips when they are nervous or concentrating on something and wonder how we can help.

Why do we Bite our Lips?

Sometimes you can bite your lip by accident, just like you do with your tongue and then you may use your tongue and teeth to play with the sore spot.

This is usually harmless. However, if this habit continues for long enough lip biting can on occasion, cause injury.

Research tells us that Lip-biting syndrome is a chronic (long-term) habit that can lead to dry, peeling and sore lips. Some people may injure the lips in other ways, such as picking the skin off them with their fingernails. I am certainly guilty of this when I find a piece of loose skin on my lips in the past, you just want to remove it to stop the irritation.

Beat Lip-Biting

Many people with this problem can injure their lips without even realizing it – for example, when they are stressed or worried

Our advice would be to apply lip balm every time you get the urge to bite or even chew on something else rather than your lips. With some conscious effort, you can stop this habit!

If you’re worried about lip-biting, or anything else about your oral or dental health, why not drop in to Ollie & Darsh for a free consultation?

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