Dental Implants

Dental Implants

How do I Keep my Dental Implants Clean?

So, you’ve made the decision to restore your smile with dental implants and your teeth are looking the best they have in years.

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth, but they do require some extra care to stay clean and healthy. Here are some tips on how to keep your dental implants clean and sparkling!

Now is the time to consider exactly how you maintain those implants to keep your smile looking fresh for many more years to come.

It all comes down to your dental hygiene routine and regular visits to your dentist. As with anything worthwhile, consistency is key! So let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can keep your implants clean and healthy.

How Often Do Dental Implants Need To Be Cleaned?

Dental implants are a great option for people who have lost teeth, but they still require some care and maintenance. Just like natural teeth, implants need to be brushed twice a day and flossed once a day. In addition, it’s important to see your dentist regularly for professional cleanings.

Depending on the health of your mouth, those cleanings maybe every three to six months. And if you have any problems with your implants, such as gum disease, you may need to see your dentist more often. While dental implants require some extra effort, the results are worth it! With proper care, they can last a lifetime.

Fix Your Technique

When it comes to dental health, brushing is king and that doesn’t change when you’ve had implants fitted. Your dentist may recommend a new toothbrush and check your brushing technique. It’s important to make sure that you’re cleaning the area properly to ensure that food debris isn’t getting caught between your implants and putting you at risk of decay and gum disease.

Get In Between The Gaps

Flossing is still an essential part of your cleaning routine when you’ve had dental implants fitted. Flossing thread means you can get around implants and bridges and remove any tricky debris. However, it’s also useful to invest in inter-dental brushes as they can help you get into harder to reach areas and make sure you’ve completely removed anything that could get trapped.

Pick The Right Ingredients

Normal toothpaste and mouthwash should be excellent with your new implants. However, specialist toothpaste with extra ingredients, such as baking soda or stain removal products, can wear on the special enamel that’s put on replacement teeth.  Similarly, if a mouthwash contains a lot of alcohol this can be abrasive on implants and cause dry mouth, so it’s best to switch to a mouthwash that doesn’t have any alcohol.

Pay A Visit

Any healthy dental regime includes regular visits to your dentist for a professional cleaning and to check the overall health of your teeth and gums. After the completion of your dental implant procedure, your dentist will create a programme of visits to you to keep on top of how your implants are settling.

If you want to enjoy the transformative effects of dental implant therapy then simply get in touch with the team at Ollie and Darsh to arrange your free consultation today. Our friendly and experienced team will sit down with you over a cup of coffee and explain your treatment options. Then, once we’ve decided on the best treatment plan for you, we’ll be there every step of the way, making sure you’re supported throughout your entire journey with us… and beyond.

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