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Invisalign Do’s and Dont’s

Don’t despair if you missed any of our tweets or Facebook updates, we have collated all of the Q & A’s together, so grab a coffee and have a good read through!

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you will have noticed that we have been running a series of Invisalign questions and answers. We have been focusing on popular questions we have been asked by our Invisalign clients and hope that if you are considering Invisalign, have just started your smile journey or are an experienced Invisalign wearer you will find the information useful.

Can I wear my aligners in the swimming pool?

Yes, you can wear the aligners during swimming, they are made to measure and will not come out.

Can I drink beer with my aligners in?

We realise that life can’t stop because of your Invisalign so what we would say is drinking with Invisalign is ok, perhaps you could try to use a straw, this will help you to pass the drink right to your throat if that makes sense. If the alcohol remains in the retainer and your teeth you will stain the retainer, thus defeating its invisible appearance. You must always make sure to brush your teeth and that you’re aligned when you get home…

Can I wear my aligners in the shower?

Yes, your aligners can stay in as normal while you are in the shower, there is no need to remove them at bathing time.

Can I play sports with my aligners in?

Yes, you can continue playing your favourite sports activities with your aligners. Whether it is Football, Netball, Hockey or even Zumba.

I found the impressions uncomfortable, will the actual aligners make me gag?

No, not at all. The aligners snap onto your teeth and fit perfectly, they don’t go to the back of your palate like the impressions need to, therefore they should not make you gag.

Do I have to brush my teeth after drinking tea or coffee, or just food?

We would always recommend that after any drink apart from water, you should brush your teeth. You can buy travel kits from your local pharmacist or supermarket for your oral health which include small toothbrushes these are ideal to take out with you.

Should I use toothpaste to clean the aligners?

You can use a small amount of toothpaste to clean your aligners but remember they are only in for 2 weeks at a time so shouldn’t really get that dirty, but probably your toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste will keep your mouth feeling freshSome of our clients say they use denture cleansers or even Miltons and I do believe there are products you can purchase from the internetalthough we have stress we would never encourage you to buy a product over the internet.

I’m going on holiday for 2 weeks; can I leave my aligners out and let my treatment run for 2 weeks longer?

This is not advisable as your teeth can drift back and the problem you will have then is that you won’t be able to get your aligners back in when you return home, this could also have financial implications for you in that you may have to order extra aligners.

Do you have any tips for brushing my teeth in public washrooms when out for a meal?

Brushing your teeth in public washrooms (or even at work) can be embarrassing and you can even be faced with dirty sinks, bad smells, etc, we would recommend that you try to pick more “private” public washrooms if possible. If you are out for a meal then the cleaner the restaurant, chances are, the cleaner the washroom. Or at least you hope so. If the sink is wet or dirty, lay down a few pieces of clean tissue paper to give yourself a clean surface.

The best advice would be to clean your teeth as quickly as possible. Bare in mind, that lots of people have braces, lots of people have kids with braces, and lots of people had braces when they were kids. Believe me, people are basically sympathetic. Be as discreet as possible and nobody will care.

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