Platinum Elite Provider of Invisalign


Platinum Elite Provider of Invisalign

As the weeks and months have gone on the clear brace technique known as Invisalign has become ever so increasingly popular at our Liverpool city centre dental clinic. We are Platinum elite providers of Invisalign.

What does this mean?

To become certified as a Platinum Elite Provider of Invisalign, the dental clinic must do at least 80 cases of Invisalign within 12 months. In a relatively short time, the clinic has surpassed expectations and started over 110 cases in Invisalign cases in the past 8-9 months!

What does this mean for you?

Well, having started this number of cases, we have become adept with what can be done with the system.  The system is clear and removable. The obvious benefit is the fact that no one can see the aligners. We should temper expectations and say that the aligners are ‘nearly invisible’. However, for all of the clients we have asked, not one has reported that others have noticed that they are wearing it.

If you’re thinking about straightening your teeth and veneers and metal braces aren’t what you like, there is another alternative – Invisalign. We offer free initial consultations at Ollie & Darsh, where you can come and discuss what bothers you and with 0% finance, we can make them an affordable monthly payment.  Call us on 0151 65 910 65 or book a reservation online now.

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