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What Do I Need To Know Before Getting Invisalign?

Looking to get an Invisalign? It is only natural you want as much information as possible before starting your journey to your new smile! Here, we explain more about Invisalign and what you need to know!

If you’re considering aligning your teeth but don’t want to go down the route of traditional metal braces, Invisalign could be just what you’re looking for. Completely inconspicuous, Invisalign braces are completely clear, removable and more comfortable than ‘train track’ braces. Meaning you can go about your daily life feeling confident whilst undergoing treatment and still enjoy the food & drink you love.

Let’s get aligned on some key details about Invisalign…

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign are clear aligners that are used to straighten teeth and are an alternative to the traditional braces that you might be more familiar with. Invisalign is discreet to wear and easy to take out when you need to.

But, not all clear aligners are the same! Only clear aligners are made of SmartTrack material, so they are more comfortable to wear and easier to put on and take off.

How Does Invisalign Work? 

The Invisalign procedure begins with initial consultations, after which, we’ll use X-rays and 3D modelling software to map out your completely bespoke treatment plan. This includes showing the movement of your teeth from as they are now, through to the desired position and each stage in between.

We’ll then use this to arrange a series of customised braces, each of which is slightly different, designed specifically for each part of the treatment plan, allowing your teeth to align gradually. You’ll wear each set for approximately 2 weeks until the end of your treatment, only removing to eat, brush & floss, before switching over to the next set.

Does it hurt? Not at all. At the start of each new set, the braces will feel a little on the tight side, but as your teeth adjust and become more aligned you’ll notice they’ll loosen up. It’s important not to remove them early as it will impact your treatment plan.

How Long Does Invisalign Take?  

The process can vary depending on the severity of your case. On average, Invisalign treatment takes around 12 months from start to finish for adults.

As mentioned, you’ll visit us for two initial consultations. First with our Business manager for a demonstration and then one of our clinicians for the full evaluation including the X-rays and 3D modelling. Upon receiving your Invisalign braces, you can begin to wear them right away.

Can I Still Drink Whilst Having An Invisalign? 

One of the common questions we get asked is can you drink alcohol or coffee with Invisalign? In short, yes. You can drink anything you want whilst undergoing Invisalign treatment. However, it’s recommended to remove your aligners whilst drinking anything but plain water. Here’s why:

  • Hot drinks – Invisalign braces are made from plastic. So, sipping on a hot coffee could cause the material to warp, rendering the set of aligners ineffective and impacting your whole treatment plan. Not only this, coffee can stain your aligners – so it’s best to remove them before drinking any hot drink.
  • Sugary drinks – as above, always remove your aligners before drinking sugary drinks, such as soda. Any liquid consumed can become trapped between the aligner and your teeth, which can cause damage to your enamel and contribute to tooth decay.
  • Alcoholic drinks – make sure to remove your aligners before consuming alcohol too. Red wine or beer can stain your aligners, whilst cocktails (similar to soda) usually contain a lot of sugar.

If you have no option but to drink with your aligner try drinking through a straw as this allows the liquid to bypass your teeth. Although it is not one hundred per cent certain to avoid them.

It’s also recommended to rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth before placing your aligners back in after drinking to remove any excess liquid being left behind.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost? 

The cost of Invisalign braces is dependent on the severity of your case and how long you’re required to wear aligners. Your initial consultation is completely free and we do offer interest-free payment plans over 2 years. We also currently have an incredible £1000 off all Invisalign treatments.

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Whether you’re an adult who’s put off getting your teeth aligned, or looking for your teen at home, there are many benefits to Invisalign treatment. From being able to smile confidently to increasing comfort overall. Get in touch with the team today for more info on our offers and to book your free consultation.

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