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Which Lipstick Colours Are Designed To Make My Teeth Appear Whiter?

Did you know that your teeth can look whiter or yellower depending on the lipstick you’ve chosen to don for the day?

You see, regardless of the actual shade of your teeth, there are flattering lipstick shades that bring out the white in your teeth, and there are lipsticks that simply do not do your teeth any favours.

Even if you believe your teeth to be Hollywood-white, there are probably stains which can be brought out given half the opportunity. So, if you want to be able to show off your pearly whites, there are a couple of

know to prevent your lipstick from giving away your coffee-drinking habits…

Below Is A Guide On Which Lipsticks To Choose And Avoid…

Our lipstick picks provide instant, quick fix whitening. However, for long-lasting, real results, we would always recommend a professional teeth whitening treatment. At Ollie & Darsh, we have three different whitening treatments for you to choose from.

Colour-Correcting Rules

Lipstick-wearing works in a similar way to other types of colour-correcting. General makeup rules are that green primers correct any redness in the face, and peach concealers correct blue veins in under-eye circles.

Likewise, cool-toned lipsticks can counteract warm tones in teeth and make them appear whiter, while warm-toned lipsticks will counteract cool tones in teeth and further bring out yellow.

MAC’s “Ruby Woo” remained a cult favourite for makeup lovers and celebrities alike. This is because its scarlet hue is already flattering for most skin tones, plus it has a perfectly proportioned blue base. Both tones make teeth appear whiter than they actually are.

What’s the reason for this? Well, it’s colour wheel logic. Because blue and orange/yellow sit opposite each other on the colour wheel, the blue undertones in the lipstick will cancel out orange or yellow tones when contrasted together, and vice versa. With this theory in mind, we recommend you avoid lipsticks with orange, coral and yellow bases as they tend to bring out the same colour hues in your smile.

Tip: If you’re looking to rock 90s browns, oranges, neons, or vampy shades, you might want to try teeth whitening treatment first as these shades are notorious for bringing out the yellow. If it’s a darker colour you’re after, always go for a rich berry with cool undertones.

In short, when lipstick shopping, just remember that cool tones can make your teeth look brighter. The secret lies in the super-subtle blue or violet hints in each colour. Blue-toned shades don’t necessarily mean that the lipstick itself is blue!

So, Now You Know The Rules, Here Are Our Top Picks:

1) Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick In Psycho

With a waterproof formula, this Vice Liquid Lipstick lays down intensely pigmented colour. It’s candy apple hue is infused with pearls and iridescent blue glitter – adding shimmer to the matte finish, sans any wine or coffee stains on your smile.

Tip: Slightly sheer, glossy formulas amp up the wattage of your teeth, as opposed to a lipstick that’s pure matte (which can create the illusion of dry lips).

2) MAC Lipstick In Mehr

If you’re searching for a tone that errs more toward the nude and pink end of the colour wheel, then this lovely dusty rose shade is great! The pink tones are not too warm, and its subtle blue hints contrast perfectly against your pearly whites.

Tip: Go for pink lipsticks with softer, berry hues – whether light raspberry or a deep plum.

3) Lipstick Queen In Medieval.

When choosing a red lipstick, opt for one with piercing blue undertones, as opposed to neutral pink or yellowing orange. One swipe of this berry-hued red is enough to bring out your inner Marilyn. It’s a bestseller thanks to its semi-sheer formulation, high levels of hydrating vitamin E and flattering colour that suits all skin tones.

4) Topshop Lips In Suspected

Purples can be a little trickier. However, get it right and purples and deep reds can offer a double whammy: they’re blue-based and simultaneously provide high contrast for teeth to look brighter. A purple with blue or slightly pink tones will help teeth appear whiter than their brown-toned counterpart. We like this Topshop beauty above.

Make Your Teeth Appear Whiter With Ollie And Darsh

With any of these top lipsticks, you can feel confident in flashing a toothy grin in photographs.

For a professional, effective way to brighten your smile, Ollie & Darsh offer 3 fabulous, effective teeth whitening programmes. We are also proud to offer our clients Half Price Whitening Wednesdays. The great weekly treatment offer gives you a 50% discount on all three whitening treatment options.

If you’re looking for a little TLC, then our new ‘walk-in’ dental hygiene and tooth whitening service provide convenient, on-the-go treatment in as little as 15 minutes. This means you can brighten and transform your smile in a lunch break!

A professional tooth whitening treatment or simple cleaning at your hygienist visit can remove staining which has discoloured teeth.

To book a treatment today, call us on 0151 65 910 65

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