Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Why Professional Teeth Whitening from a Dentist? 50% Off

People of all ages want to have a pearly white smile, and since there are so many products on the market it seems as though teeth whitening can be easy

But how effective are over the counter whitening products such as teeth whitening strips, toothpaste and mouthwashes? At Ollie & Darsh, we always advise patients that the results can’t come close to our 3 professional whitening solutions.

This December, we’re offering a festive Half Price Teeth Whitening offer. Running every day until 22nd December, the money saving offer is perfect for helping you get party-ready this Christmas, or it can be used to purchase a gift for friends or relatives. Treatment prices start at £199.

Below Are Our 6 Reasons Why You Should Always Visit Your Dentist When You Want To Whiten Your Smile:

1) Quickly And Easily Schedule A Reservation

Most dental clinics know how to whiten teeth fast and scheduling tooth whitening treatment is usually very straightforward. At Ollie & Darsh, we are proud to offer our new ‘walk-in’ surgeries. This means you have access to convenient, on the go whitening treatment. You can even whiten and transform your smile on a lunch break! If you’re at the dentist, you needn’t worry about learning how to whiten teeth fast on your own.

2) Visible Results (Many Shades Whiter)

Following the professional whitening procedure, you’ll clearly recognise a marked difference in the colour of your teeth. You could see your teeth lightened by up to 10 shades! Taking some time to get your teeth professionally whitened will help you feel more confident in your daily life- whether that’s smiling big in your photos at this year’s Christmas parties or feeling confident during a work presentation.

3) Access To The Best State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Over the counter teeth, and whitening bleaches are much less powerful than the technology your dentist can use. Aside from home whitening that’s overseen by a dentist (such as our Ollie & Darsh Home Whitening), if you choose to whiten on your own at home, then you’re missing out on the best whitening tools. Teeth whitening products can’t compete with the whitening equipment cosmetic and family dentists will have access to. We have the latest tools on the market plus knowledge of the most recent breakthroughs in dentistry. Isn’t it better to rely on your dentist’s expertise to help improve your smile?

4) Your Safety Is Guaranteed

Reading the ingredients and instructions on a label can’t tell you everything you need to know about a whitening product. What if you have a bad reaction to some of the chemicals in over-the-counter whitening treatment? Your dentist is the best place to let you know which treatments are safe for you, and which ones are likely to be the most effective. Teeth whitening is always best done under a dentist’s care. They know how to safely and effectively whiten teeth.

5) Dentists Can Provide Quality Control

You may have used a cheap product to whiten your teeth, but how can you be sure that it worked properly? If you whiten at home, you’ll only have the mirror to help you decide if your teeth are whiter. As well as overseeing safety, dentists can monitor your teeth whitening over time, judging if you’re getting the results you need.

6) Only Dentists Can Legally Whiten Teeth

You shouldn’t use a beautician or someone other than a dentist for whitening treatment. To protect patients, only licensed dentists and their hygienists or assistants can legally offer teeth whitening services. This is because people who don’t know dentistry, have access to your medical history, or have knowledge about dental health could potentially do serious damage to your teeth.

Visiting your dentist will ensure you get the most out of your teeth whitening. Our treatments might cost you a little more than anything you can buy at a pharmacy, but they’re worth the investment.

Call us on 0151 65 910 65 to claim your Half Price Teeth Whitening offer. Book a FREE no-obligation consultation with our lovely Business Manager Suzy and we can discuss which of our effective teeth whitening treatments is most clinically suitable.

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