Depending on the level of oral hygiene, here at Ollie & Darsh, we recommend a check-up to be scheduled for every 3 to 6 months. This way we can always keep an eye on your oral health and use preventative care to eliminate diseases or infections.

This is a common question that we regularly get asked by many patients. The length of time that it takes to strengthen teeth can vary from individual to individual and often depends mainly on the starting point. For example, if teeth are slightly wonky, results will obviously be a lot faster and may just take a couple of months before results are achieved. Our dentistry team will examine your teeth before any solution is offered and we will always work closely with you to make sure everything is handled seamlessly.

We don’t offer a whitening package at the moment. All whitening is currently half price, contact us today to claim this offer.

Every person is different, so treatment lengths vary from person to person. Most of the treatments will be completed within a four to nine-month period, but on average the treatment takes six months.

Patients can get smile makeovers for a variety of reasons. Whether you have not been confident in your smile for a number of years and finally want to undergo a smile makeover or you have a special occasion coming up and want to look your absolute best, Ollie & Darsh are the No.1 cosmetic dentists in Liverpool that can make the magic happen for you. Smile makeovers in Liverpool can help to improve the condition of your smile, the colour of your teeth and tooth structure.

Oral hygiene check-ups are just as important for implants as they are for teeth. Bacteria can accumulate around the implants which can lead to infections potentially threatening the success of the rehabilitation.

As well as the obvious benefit of braces being discreet, there is a whole other multitude of benefits of selecting clear braces to straighten your smile. Comfortability is another big factor. This is not an overnight solution and therefore braces should be worn with comfortability which you get with Invisalign clear braces. Moreover, the braces are also removable which means you won’t have to worry about not eating foods that could get caught in your braces.

Yes, you can remove your attachments for your wedding day and they can be reattached afterwards.

There are no more risks of root damage or other issues than those associated with traditional orthodontics. Since the forces used with Six Month Smiles® braces are lower and teeth are seldom extracted, there are actually even fewer risks involved with the Six Month Smiles® treatment.

The vast majority of clients report no effect on speech. However, as with traditional orthodontic appliances, there is an initial adjustment period associated with having something new in the mouth.

As well as the obvious benefits of improving your overall smile and increasing your confidence, you will actually be positively contributing to better oral health for the years to come which is always a good thing. A smile makeover includes at least two or three individual treatments that will also reduce the risk of tooth decay and dental infections.


Smokers are more likely to develop gum disease and at an earlier age. Research has found that smoking cigarettes more than doubled the rate of tooth loss for individuals and increased the chances of becoming completely toothless by 4 times.

Lack of Sleep

It has been proved that sleep deprivation is the second leading cause (after smoking) of gum related health issues. People that have 6 hours or less of restless sleep are more susceptible to gum disease due to pockets forming between gums and teeth, as well as destruction of the bone.


A symptom of pregnancy that many people are unaware of is the softening of gums. This makes oral hygiene even more important than usual, as soft gums can be more susceptible to infection and plaque build-up. Infected and bleeding gums could result in damage to your teeth, so it’s recommended that pregnant women have regular dental check-ups to ensure any dental issues are dealt with as soon as possible.

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